Friday, March 30, 2012


There is a fine line between capturing a moment and imposing your will on another, however learning to shoot in the city is an art itself.  Anyone knows that if you ask for a shot, the moment is gone and yet if you "steal" an image from someone and get caught...EWWW it is the worst feeling! You feel like you have taken something away from them.

The images I attached were taken in that sacred space between.  Oddly enough I have built a relationship with quite a few of these people and now when I run into them on the street, they often run after me asking for their photo to be taken.  The familiarity and trust has already been established from that first time and taking their picture is a now a collaborative effort.

Often the city gets a bad rap for people being rude and even scary, I find it to be the complete antithesis of that and when you open your mind, everything else follows suit.

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