Friday, April 20, 2012

When your SUBJECTS are as good as this..................

For someone who always looks at an opportunity to take a photograph a special gift, (whether it be a planned portrait session or photo-journalism on the street), there are certain moments that are magical and take on a life of it's own.

Shooting children is especially interesting for me because well, "kids do the darndest things?"
No matter who it is in front of the camera, I believe wholeheartedly that a trust between your subjects is not only crucial and necessary for me, but what I expect.

Without a comfortability between the photographer and the person, I don't believe you can ever really get the essence of your subject translated through the images; you cannot have one without the other.
And for me, there is simply no other way.

When you have children who are good looking, trust you and sprinkled with a little confidence,
how can you really go wrong??? ...........  YOU CAN"T!

Trusting yourself as a photographer, taking risks and owning your vision, (no matter how crazy they may seem at times to others!), it is funny how the universe attracts you to like-minded individuals.

While preparing for this shoot, I had a clear point of view and when I expressed it to the mother, she nearly fell off her chair because she said it emulated her son to the "T" without even knowing it.

It makes for an even better experience for everyone when the child is on board and is actually excited to do what you ask...
(Have you ever tried to make a boy or girl do something he didn't want to do??? YOU CAN"T! LOL.)

Forcing a moment never works, conversely having a child engaged, with input on how the direction is going is the true recipe for a perfect shoot.



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