Friday, November 8, 2013

ALL Things beautiful……..

Last night, Taglialatella Galleries presented Rubem Robierb’s solo exhibition:  “Butterflies and Bullets,” in their Chelsea Gallery.

Brazilian born Rubem Robierb, is best known for his vibrantly colored imagery combining his South American/Miami style with a hard New York edge. 

Passionate about poetry and photography from an early age, Rubem Robierb developed a unique visual perspective by approaching form and light as visual poetry.  In Sao Paulo, Brazil Rubem first established himself as a fashion photographer.  Rubem's passion and poetic gift led him to a series of invitations to exhibit his work across Europe. 

Some of my favorite artists of any genre are those who combine both harmonic beauty and contradiction. Rubem absolutely demonstrates these paradoxical images by combining butterflies and bullets that are filled with light and color. Robierb’s dramatic use of color gives life to his bionic butterflies and reinforces his stylistic alliance with the pop art movement.  Typically utilizing a manual process, Robierb was purposeful in removing shadows from pictures of real butterflies and real bullets, allowing the final work to be a more two-dimensional look. 

On a small selection of pieces, Robierb combines silkscreening with splashes of hand painted color and my favorite, Diamond Dust to enhance the subjects.  

Good Morning America’s Sam Champion was the evening’s Honorary Chairman and Sade Baderinwa, Liz Cho, Diana Williams and Amy Robach were just a few to come out and support their friend.  The energy of the night was high.  It couldn't have been a more fun event to shoot. Not only was it a beautiful night and turn out, but I was surrounded by some of the most beautiful art and people one could find!


assortedrelevance said...

Fantastic photos of some truly striking and innovative works. Thanks for sharing!

Paula Kiger said...

That looks like such a fun evening. And you did a wonderful job documenting it!