Wednesday, September 24, 2014

THE FAB FAUX & DHANI HARRISON, the next generation.....

The Fab Faux performed Saturday night in California at the Valley Center for the Performing Arts to another sold out crowd.

The Fab Faux fans are not only some of the most loyal, (the joke is to ask someone in line how many times they have been to a FF show!), but enthusiastic and engaged as well.  The energy was high as they opened with USSR, leading into Dear Prudence

There are no short-cuts or shtick with The Fab Faux; each note is played with respect and ever so much care.  Sometimes their sound-checks are as long as a show....You know, if things aren't "Just So," it just isn't good enough for them!

You may often here the Fab Faux refer to the Beatles music as "Our Classical Music."  If you stop to think about that statement for a second, you realize how very true that really is!

The audience was tremendously surprised when Dhani Harrison took to the stage to perform, "Savoy Truffle."  Dhani joining Will Lee, Jimmy Vivino, Rich Pagano, Jack Petruzzelli and 
Frank Agnello really re-emphasizes how accurate these five accomplished musicians are with The Beatles catalog.  When he walked on stage, one couldn't help but do a double take.  The wonderfully, remarkable resemblance to his Dad, (both in a appearance and sound) was uncanny and made it that much more special.

This Fab Faux show really "kicked off" the week long tribute to George Harrison in a big way.  Conan is dedicating a week of George's music, with performances by Beck, Paul Simon, Dhani and Norah Jones.  Yesterday was the release of the new CD set, "George Harrison-The Apple Years 1968-1975," (that Dhani executive produced) and then of course this Sunday night the big concert at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles for "George Fest" with a host of musicians like, Brian Wilson, 
Norah Jones, Ben Harper, Ann Wilson, Ian Astubry, Matt Sorum, Jamestown Reviival, Gingger Shankar, and of course Dhani.  Many more "big surprises" are expected to show up to pay tribute to not only a man with an illustrious career, but a great man.....The "Quiet One," that had so much to say.

I recently opened an Instagram account, (@TheFabFaux) as an experiment to see if the millennial generation were not only interested in The Beatles, but had ever been exposed to The Fab Faux's music.  My experiment is now over 1550 followers and counting!  This goes to show that young or old, the music of The Beatles is timeless and their musical legacy is still celebrated today! Cheers!

Here are some pictures I shot backstage and during the show!
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Watch the YOUTUBE Video with Dhani & The Fab Faux


Nicholas DeSanto said...

These photos are beautiful! I love how you captured the candid shots and I can almost hear the music by looking at some of the pics!! GREAT JOB!

Anonymous said...

wow these pictures look great...i love how the black and whites give everything a very classic look...looks like a good time was had by all...and what a handome bunch!

bohare said...

Great photos! I loved the black and striking!

Jimmy Marion said...

Great shots of the band behind the scenes and jamming on stage.
Captures what a great night of rock music is supposed to look like.