Monday, October 20, 2014

FRESHLY SQUEEZED with a TWIST of Bittersweet.........

Whether "straight up" or "on the rocks," you can't find a bad photograph of Kathy Buccio!  This pretty, little fashionista exudes style and can basically make your Nonna's red checkered tablecloth look good!

Kathy and I met a few years back while I was working at SNL and she was an entertainment producer at Access Hollywood.  We became fast friends.  How could we not be? The Latina & the Italian! We are separated by one letter for goodness sake!  Our :120 elevator encounters were always full of conversation!  A battle of the “Greats,” Balenciaga & Valentino, Versace & De La Renta!  Our rides were so short, we never made it to the French designers that we loved so much!

It wasn’t until we spoke of my photo-documentary on Cuba and the music of Celia Cruz and Marc Anthony that I realized that maybe I was her long, lost Latina Hermana!  Because I knew enough phrases from the telenovelas, (and not the many years of Spanish I studied in school!), I think I may have fooled her for a hot minute, (no..not 

Born and raised in Miami and of Cuban decent, Kathy moved to NYC when she was 20 with nothing more than two suitcases and a dream.  After graduating from Fordham University with a degree in broadcast journalism and a 12 year career covering all things fashion, entertainment and celebrities, Kathy brought her fresh, frugal, fun style back to where it all began….Miami!

It is in Miami where, Freshly Squeezed Fashionista was born!

This is more than just a blog. FSF is like having the rare opportunity to take a sneak peek inside her closet; full of fun, affordable fashion finds with a little extra kick without squeezing your wallet!

Kathy has definitely developed her own unique personal style.  Her city influence, infused with the tropical patterns and colors coexist in harmony.  She makes it OK for you to be daring and own it!

What is my favorite thing about FSF?....Kathy Buccio shares it with all of US!
What is my least favorite thing about FSF?.................NO more elevator rides!


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Eddie said...

What beautiful pictures and a lovely blog post! :)